It's like FROGGERâ„¢. Time to be the frog!

The 8 lane road deck of the Sydney Harbour Bridge gives us an fantastic opportunity to deliver a  unique gaming experience. Instead of replicating a top down view, why not be part of the action. Deck Dash allows you to make that journey whilst negotiating dynamic traffic flows. Make sure you look both ways!

Three game modes :

  • Solo Runner - make the dash by yourself
  • Jail Break - unique multiplayer experience, players are tethered together. Communicate your actions so that you move as one
  • Blind Folded - blind folded so your vision is limited. Listen for where the traffic is before making the dash. Take virtual reality/perception to the next level

Other features :


Scale one of the most famous bridges

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the world's most recognisable bridges. Not everyone will have an opportunity to climb it in their lifetime. The Oculus Rift gives us an opportunity to take the experience globally. Are you ready to journey to new heights? Span Scale will take you there!

Experience features :

  • Scale the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the comfort of your own home
  • Admire the views utilising high resolution virtual panoramas
  • Support for Virtuix Omni


Experience a virtual traffic JAM

Aimed as a visualisation tool for real estate agents selling the virtues of living in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. How can you convey to prospective foreigner property buyers what their morning commute by bus could potentially be like? Traffic Congestion is the tool for you.

Experience features :

  • Sit or stand with no option of getting off the bus even though you are metres away from Wynyard station
  • No in-game pause feature. Once you start you are in for the long haul
  • Send a virtual SMS to your boss saying "I'm stuck on the Bridge, I should be there by 11am"
  • Recreate historic traffic snarls including the infamous January 5th 2015 fiasco